Rail Strikes, Menu’s & Viruses

After yesterday’s Rail Strike, today’s early trains were cancelled, so I didn’t get to work till nearly 11am.

Thankfully none of my client’s needed me first thing!

First little job of the day is a straight forward duplication of a few photo’s, on to some nice 260gsm Glossy Paper.

Next up was an urgent print job for a new client. Just a simple single print of a document on 80gsm Std paper, but the other document has a solid blue background & also needed to be “Full Bleed” (borderless). As std paper will not hold that amount of ink without bleeding through to the other side, and looking fuzzy, I used a nice smooth 120gsm matt paper that can accept Hi-Res prints easily.

Then Paolo, the owner of the “La Terrazza” Italian Restaurant here in town (Damn good food!) popped in to update his menu’s. After about 15min of editing, they are ready for proof reading & printing. He’s got to run off & get prepped for tonight, so I’ll drop them off when I have closed for the day.

Last job for today is a virus scan of a local hotel’s main reception PC. Got to be done sharpish, as all the other PC’s in the hotel depend on it. There were a few traces of Malware, and the remnants of a “Trojan Horse” that had snuck aboard. I upgraded the free version of Malwarebytes to the “Premium” Paid version, to enable shielded protection that should minimise any more nasties! Finished with a couple of windows updates after a quick service & we are good to go in 2hrs flat.