Fast Flyers & End of the line for Win 7

And we are off with a high speed turnaround on some A5 Flyers, for a local Autioneer, that are needed by this Friday (Wed’s Today!).

Not a problem for Bluesdigital….

After a final edit @4pm, they are off to my commercial printers & should be with my client by 3pm on Friday, Phew!

Next job is for a local newsletter.

630x Double Sided pages later, and we’re done. (Poor Printers were steaming after that lot)

Last job for today is a Windows 7 Zoostorm PC that is suffering with a dodgy hard drive. As it’s got a decent CPU & 6Gb of RAM, It’s a good candidate for refurbishing.

In goes a nice new SSD & fresh install of Windows 10, and it’s turning out to be a snappy old fella!

Should keep the client going for a few years yet, and it’s good to recycle too….