More Flyer’s & Slow Acer Laptop

Got another Flyer job for today…

Tracey, from Affinity Home Care Group over in Market Street gave me a call about Flyer Printing this morning. After a brief chat & a couple of emails, all was sorted without a problem. Good artwork means fast turnarounds!

Then, after a run of “Brain Picking” from a few folks passing by, and sorting out a clients email problem, It’s time to see what’s going on with a little red Acer laptop that’s not playing ball.

It’s very slow to boot (about 10min), and is crawling along once it has finally loaded. A quick inspection of the Hard Drive, and everything becomes clear. Poor thing is flat out doing nothing, meaning the hard drive is on it’s last legs.

As the machine has only had reasonably light use over it’s 4 year lifetime, I would have expected better. However, my clent advised me that the laptop has travelled extensively throughout Europe, in a Camper Van.

Thousands of miles of vibrations, knock’s & bumps would explain the damage to an older style “Mechanical” hard drive. No problem though, In with a nice new “Solid State Drive”, Transfer client documents & files, and a fresh installation of Windows 10 to finish.

It’s booting up in about 20 seconds now, and behaving itself pottering around the net, and dealing with everyday tasks with ease.

Last job for today is a short run of A4 Posters for the Newtown Textile Museum.

Well worth a visit too!