Website Glitches, MS “Teams” & Boxing

Friday morning & we are off to a flying start on some repairs to a client’s website.
It’s an E-Commerce Website that has not been sending emails correctly for a couple of day’s, which can be a pain!
After some input from Microsoft Office 365 Team (which wasn’t really helpful), checking all the plug-in’s, nothing seemed out of place. However, it has now just started working again ?!?!
And now there’s an update available for the Website Mail Plug-in…..
Look’s like they have found an error and sorted it on the quiet.

Next up is a client who’s having issues with Microsoft Teams & Zoom meetings.
He’s also had a bit of malware playing with his drivers for the microphone on his laptop, making things worse.
After a quick clean-up of the malware & installing the proper “Teams” & “Zoom” app’s, instead of using his browser, thing’s started to work correctly.

Then it’s some laminated A3 & A4 posters for the Newtown Amateur Boxing Club.

Another client drops in with more problems on MS Teams…….. Hmm, Beginning to smell a rat here!
Re-installing “Teams” does the trick again. Methinks Microsoft have been having a few bad day’s of late.