Weddings, Windows 11 issues, Cloning and Website changes

First job on the card’s today are some really pretty Wedding ‘Order of Service’ Cards. The Client had done a great job of designing it in CANVA , so it was straightforward enough to get it done quickly and efficiently as ever!

Then it was time to delve into it sickly Acer 💻 that’s refusing to boot up. This turned out to be an incompatibility with the windows 11 upgrade. One nice clean windows 10 later, and its back with the client.

Next up ,it’s cloning of a client’s pc onto a larger SSD. After some initial grumpiness from the original windows installation, everything went reasonably smoothly, Phew!

Last job, for this RATHER long day is the strip down & rebuild of a WordPress site. They have been having problems with the plug-ins used to build the original site, so I advised a fresh start by removing pretty much all of the software and setting it up from scratch.