🦠Anti-Virus Subscriptions

It’s a bit of a Grumpy Old Man topic, but the “Subscription” based revenue stream explosion over the last few years, kinda grinds my gears.
The best deals are pretty much always for new subscribers, leaving current customers to pay full whack or more!

My latest grump is with AVG.
A good customer of mine has been with them for many years, and she is currently paying £160 for a two year subscription.
It’s bad enough that they prey on the nervous by bombarding them pop-up’s, employing scare tactics about “Hackers” and the like attacking them, so that they can upsell even more doubtfull security “add-on’s”.
Shame on you AVG, you used to be so good.

What I would advise is buying a non-subscription version from a friendly computer shop or Amazon.
That way you get the best price, and they don’t have your card details to “Auto-Renew”

My personal fav’s are:

1: Malwarebytes

2: Kaspersky

3: BitDefender