Folk’s quite often ask “What’s the difference?” with the main drive in your computer.
A heck of a lot in terms of performance!

Up until around 5yrs ago, the Mechanical HDD (Hard disk drive) was the standard type of drive in most peoples computers.The speed of these had not really gone past the 100mb mark, but were reasonably cheap & reliable enough.

The very sturdy WD Black HDD.

Then the SSD (solid state drive) arrived. With speeds now up to 500mb or so, this was a very large step in consumer computer performance. Boot up times were down to a few seconds, and even a low powered machine really benefitted from upgrading.

My SSD of choice, the Samsung EVO range.

Now we have moved on to the latest generation of storage, NVMe drives.
Speeds are now measured in the 3-7000+mb range, helping us to run loads of things at the same time without impacting performance.

Top Tier performance from the Crucial T700 NVMe