🌟 Supersize Business Cards

Need to make an impression…..

These larger-than-life cards are designed to capture attention and showcase your brand in a unique and memorable way.
Imagine handing out a business card that stands out from the rest – with its larger size, it commands attention and instantly sets you apart from the competition.
Perfect for networking events, trade shows, or even everyday use, supersize business cards offer the opportunity to showcase your creativity and professionalism.
But it doesn’t end there.

These oversized business cards are not just for traditional business purposes. They can also be used as novelty items or promotional tools.
With their eye-catching size (1000 x 500mm), they are perfect for businesses in industries such as entertainment, hospitality, and creative arts. So why settle for ordinary when you can go supersize?
Invest in these larger-than-life business cards and make a lasting impression that speaks volumes about your brand and personality.

Size: 1000 x 500mm, Single or Double Sided Print, on 5mm Foamex.
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