🎮The “Gamer” Build🕹️

Time for another Custom PC Build….
General office work during the day, whilst commanding battalions & mystical beasties after hours.
As there’s no need for absolute cutting edge performance, we can use some of the best last gen’ components, to get lot’s of power at a reasonable cost.

The inherent stability of components that are tried & tested, versus the troubles associated with the latest tech, leads to a long & stable service life. (This machine comes with a 5 year warranty as standard, or 10 years as an option!)

My Friday treat from “LionBites” has arrived, Coffee is brewing, so time to crack on!

Right, Let’s have a look at the parts list:

HCS HellCracks Midi Case:
Great value case from HellCracks to house it all, and rather neat looking too.
ASRock B550M-HDV Motherboard:
A solid workhorse of a motherboard from ASRock. On it’s 3rd generation, so it’s a bloody stable & fast chipset, without the any excess frills.
Ryzen 5 5600X CPU:
Rated “The Worlds Best 6-Core Processor” a couple of years ago, Who am I to argue?

Gen4 NVMe (7300 MB/s)
Absolutely blazing fast primary drive for this kind of build. Great warranty & support from WD as always.
Kingston Fury 3600MTs 32Gb RAM Kit:
Some well cooled, very hi-spec RAM to help things along. Nicely over engineered & built to last.
Zotac RTX 3060 12Gb Graphics Card:
Class leading 12Gb of GDDR6, And loads of Tensor/Ray-Tracing Cores for battling visuals.

Corsair CV650 80 PLUS Psu:
Another no-frills rugged Power Supply from Corsair. Plenty of amps in reserve, and every cable you could ever need in a nice heavy PSU.
Official Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
Along with Office 2021 Pro Plus

Now for the build….

Clear the desk…
Kettle on…
Last few bits arrive!

Here goes
Off with the CPU Cooler brackets that came with the motherboard.
They won’t be needed with the AMD Wraith, supplied with this CPU.
In with the Ryzen CPU now.

Then the Cooling fan & Heatsink.
After that, Clickety click goes the RAM
Inserting the NVMe SSD.

Sort out the motherboard stand-off’s into the correct position for this little “MATX”
Gently does it….

And we are in.
Flip it over…
In with the PSU.

Will tidy that wiring after initial testing, I Promise….
Told Ya!

Testing, Testing
Cable Tie, Cable Tie..